Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Salamun salam lakum...

Hey people! How are u guys? Hope everythings are good and going well..

Just a quick update after been a while did not updating this blog. A bunches of reason lead me to not keep updating in here. To be truth, laziness la punce dy. haha. Ok, such a lame introduction.

Lets go straight to what i want to update. What huh? Well, Malaysia just formed a new tenure of government. Guess what, yeah... They still governing this lovely country of Malaysia. After all. Lot of issues and scandals had been issued. And at this moment, people try to fight and prove the fraud election. My POV? I am supporting the truth. And yeas, it was clearly, fraud election happened. Guess what, they still won. Then? Scandals and issues been brought out by the fighters! Well, i with them. Ok, ulang balik.. N now, issue and issue become hotter and hotter. Now! Racism.i am clearly disagree with this. O Allah, please save Malaysia!

Ok then, today i did speaking test for IELTS. U know, it is required when i was conditionally offered to further master in UK. I was hoping to pass with flying colors. Hopefully everything going well and i may further my master in UK. As for now,i am finishing my last 4weeks doing teaching practice here in taman melawati. I have another last observation with dr arifin. Plis people, pray for me.*cross finger*

ok thats all yeah!  Till then,

Xoxo.. Poyo!