Tuesday, July 20, 2010


salam ya'll.

hope the readers being well under the super vision of the Almighty. :)
today's entry could be a lil' bit different than before, maybe i'll call this paradigm the new of me. huu. i'll try to be istiqamah n if there's anything wrong whether in typo or language error or not being that istiqamah, just leave a comment at the side in chat box, so that i can correct myself in future. :)

so, paradigm?what was it? huu. i think in Malay it call aNJakAn pARadiGma. i always watched it on TV hosted by Dr Fadzilah Kamsah who is the one of the best motivator in this region i think. as the Almighty said in His book, where it means ,

Allah tidak akan mngubah nasib sesuatu kaum mlainkan mereka mengubah nasib nye sendiri

in Malay i hope it'll more clear to understand. prevent the misunderstanding.

I believe this verse, familiar to all of you. i cant remember which surah and which verse was it, but i'm pretty sure that this verse is mention our Holy book of Quran.

Actually, my point here is, paradigm is must for everybody. she does n i'm on my way on it. huu. SNA, i hope u read this, hope u njoy n happy,

c u when i see u.
thanks 4 reading.
salam n peace~

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