Thursday, July 22, 2010


salam ya'll.

i'm sitting on the chair alone, 3am of Friday morning, just finished watching 3idiots (Hindustan film) with all my fellas. the movie, kinda interesting.sort of lesson we had learnt n sort of scene almost make all tough rugby mates fell their tears as mine.:P

for me, having those fun time with my fellas such a great moment. i can see Emon who's national rugby player almost crying while watching the character of rancho chanchad. huu.(sory mon, to type ur name in here:P)

at the same time,I've learnt how to pluck guitar with BOB, mOK n ood(chot). G code, a minor n bla3. for me, they are great comrades I ever had. laugh, slapping2 , insulting each other. haha.thanks guys. in a single simple moment, i can see the value of friendship such a great pleasure that our Almighty give us.

at one time, i'd left all of them just because to be with the one i loved most. ( clearly, more than a friend.:).) the biggest mistake I've done. i thought, that beloved one would cover me until the end, as i thought the friendship that I've left could be covered later. i was wrong, the friend that I've left behind now covering me while the beloved one left me behind even ignoring me.pity me i think. :)

so, my point here is, don't ever left behind the friend. as SHE told me, she never left her friend. feel the leisure of friendship while we are in the middle of happiness. even we are in love. be balance. trust me, u'll never lost anything instead having the every minutes of joy in your life. befriends and beloved to everybody.:)

لا يؤمن أحدكم حتى يحبَّ لأخيه ما يحبُّ لنفسه

correct me if I've done wrong in here. last but not least, thanks to the friends who were with me last night. ( emon.BOB.KudO.ODd.MOK.AtONG.P.MAie )

c u when i see you.
thanks 4 reading.
salam n peace~

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