Friday, September 3, 2010

it's been a while.

salam ya'll.

long time no hear wasn't it? hope all of ya doing well in wateva all of ya doin'.
it's been a while i didnt blogging in here. there were much events happened during this times.

there were starting of Ramadhan and merdeka and blablabla.(maleh plak nk sebut satu2. banyak sgt). ok.

now im in the middle of eid vacation. it's just in the beginning actually. and i'm at the end of Ramadhan. i dunno how was my Ramadhan for this year. i hope it is better than the past. n I HOPE so, i can meet the next year Ramadhan. (feeling sad for ramadhan is leaving as the amalan of mine is not good enough.*regret*) i hope so ya RABB. ballighni ramadhan fil 'am al-mustaqbal.

in advance, happy eid to all Moslem in this region.Kullu 'amin wa antum bi khayr.:)

i hope to see u again next year Ramadhan:)

ok. next, there's a quote attracts me n i wanna share with u guys.

"you asked me whose life was more important - yours or mine, and i answered "mine": u walk away angry not knowing that u r my life.."

before ends, i like to share some of the best pictures when it's been a while i didnt post entry:) for ur leisure everybody!

iftar with my frens of SEPINTARIAN. at SA Square a.k.a dtrn SA.

birthday party Aliaa n iftar skali la. kt Bangsar ke ape ntah tempat ni.but the thing is, mat'am huna laziz jiddan:)

this was after iftar with all the special pupils at SMK Pdidikan Khas, Setapak. All fo them are special and gifted. love them!

last sahur in IIU for 1431 H. thanks to pie who spent his money for this laziz domino's:)

in the end. Happy Ramadhan to all of you:) n i'm learnin' to love everybody. respect each other so that u will be respected by others. blablabla...

c u when i see u.
thanks 4 reading.
salam n peace~

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